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Welcome to Southeastern Indiana Vision Development Center in Greensburg. Dr. Weigel and our team strive to offer the best in vision therapy services. Our vision therapy services include a variety of non-invasive therapy techniques to improve the visual process and resolve visual issues. Both children and adults can suffer from visual problems that hinder activities like reading, schoolwork, and hold back sports performance. Southeastern Indiana Vision Development Center can provide unique, custom-designed vision therapy solutions for individuals who suffer from a various visual conditions. The most important vision therapy skill required is dedicated time and effort to the improvement of the visual system.

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Vision therapy includes a variety of training exercises for your eyes and brain. While vision therapy is not designed to strengthen your eye muscles since they are generally very strong on their own, it is a type of therapy that involves a variety of different visual exercises. It is done both in our office and with assigned activities at home, and can help resolve many types of visual problems with repeated use over time. Some examples of vision therapy equipment include but are not limited to: Eye patches; Corrective lenses, including glasses and/or contact lenses; Special prism lenses; Vision exercises both in-office and at home; Vestibular devices (balance boards); and Specialized computer programs.

Dr. Weigel is an established optometrist who specializes in effective vision therapy procedures. Whether working with a child or an adult, Dr. Weigel offers comprehensive vision services and specialized care that is tailored to each individual patient. With extensive experience in numerous forms of vision therapy, Dr. Weigel has the expertise and resources needed to create a unique treatment plan to increase the quality of vision through simple, non-invasive visual exercises.

If you have been previously diagnosed with visual problems like amblyopia or crossed eyes, or are currently experiencing visual difficulties like double or reduced vision, contact Dr. Weigel today. During your first appointment at Southeastern Indiana Vision Development Center, we will complete a comprehensive visual performance evaluation to make a diagnosis. Dr. Weigel will perform various tests in order to analyze your vision needs and the health of your eyes, and will make a customized recommendation for vision services based on your individual condition.

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Dr. Eric performs new evaluations in the afternoons on Tuesday and Wednesday, and every other Thursday, by appointment. Our therapy times are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday afternoons. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

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  • Dr. Weigel

    Dr. Weigel is an optometrist specializing in optometric vision therapy.  He practices in Greensburg providing eye care services for the surrounding communities.  He is a Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) and a member of the Optometric Extension Program (OEP).


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